fachada mipamet

Mipamet S.R.L. has been in the market for thirty years now and it was only eleven years ago that we began to enhance the professional image of our company, in order to provide technical support to our customers. Always with the responsibility and the motivation to grow with them and searching for the best possibilities to offer applied technology updating.

Infrastructure investment, new machines, staff training and tooling development ensure customer satisfaction. These investments are mainly carried out by strategic teamwork.

Mipamet - Empresa


Sight: At Mipamet S.R.L., our customers and your satisfaction is our first goal and all our staff works tirelessly to ensure that every day we are offering our customers responsible, competent and excellent service.

Our reputation for unmatched availability combined with exceptional service and knowledgeable staff are keys to our success and has propelled our growth with the independent service professional.


We are a family business that aims to contribute to the development of a better society and future generations.