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Dear Customer,

With the way of give a course to your claim, we apply that read carefully the conditions under we analyze itself.Once verify the conditions, of correspond, have proceed the replace of the product or in case its present a defect we’ll emit a credit note for the import agreed.

Conditions to give a way to your claim:

Have been evaluated the case of...

 1. Wrong invoice (whatever being quantity, price or the pay mode). (1)  2. Fault of Merchandise.  3. Fail or wrong merchandise. (2)

(1) In the case of wrong invoice (if the condition was agree in a previus way to the issue) the claim will be effect in an express way in 25 days.
(2) The fault of merchandise. Will be find in perfect conditions, without being arrange or forcing in its employ, except in case of the product had a fail or a fissure.


Term: the claims will be accepted in the five able days of being received the order.

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